Bing Ads Coupon Code – 2016 to 2017

Hello everyone,

Hope the new year brings much success to your business.

Here are the current Bing Ads coupon codes for 2016 to 2017. With the following credit vouchers, you can test out a new Bing Ads campaign. There is little to no risk. Try it out and if it works, continue. If it doesn’t, you can stop at any time with no commitments.

Bing Ads coupon codes by country:

Disclosure: Offer expires June 15, 2017. Only new Bing Ads customers are eligible for this promotion. A new Bing Ads customer is one that has not advertised on Bing Ads before. The Bing Ads customer will receive a promotional code to redeem credits. Limit one (1) promotion code per new Bing Ads customer. Promotional code must be redeemed within thirty (30) days of Bing Ads new customer creation.

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