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Coupons, discounts and promo codes for VPS packages. Companies include: eUKHost, KnownHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, LiquidWeb, Interserver, Heart Internet, Turnkey Internet, NameCheap, and Contabo. Looking for more VPS discounts? Shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

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As a webmaster with several hosting plans such as shared, cloud, and VPS’s, I’ve assembled a pretty good idea of what kinds of services and prices are out there. Moreover, in the past few months, I’ve gathered a ton of coupons for hosting plans and paid advertising. In this article, I’m going to list my favorite VPS companies and their up to date discounts and coupon codes so that you guys can get the best deal. If you’re unfamiliar with VPS’s, check out my guide here. If you’re looking for lower tier or free VPS trials, check out my other article. It’s not new that a good VPS hosting plan can make or break websites SERPs due to speed and reliability. With unlimited bandwidth and easy-to-use VPS control panels, and other enticing features, a good package can take all the noise away from shared hosting. So, let’s explore VPS discounts and coupons from leading web host providers out there in the market today.

eUKHost – More than 20% off on VPS packages

eUKhost VPS coupon code


KnownHost – 50% off promo codeknownhost vps promo


HostGator – 40% off coupon codehostgator discount


GoDaddy – More than 35% off VPS packagesgodaddy vps coupon code


LiquidWeb35% off code and more


InterServer – $0.01 for VPS !


Heart Internet – 20% off VPS packages

Image result for heart internet


Turnkey Internet – 50% off code for VPS packages 


NameCheap – 40% off on VPS packagesNamecheap logo


Contabo – Processing Promos and DiscountsImage result for contabo



 Don’t know which VPS service to choose? 

Here is a quick overview of each of the above VPS services and which one is right for you:


eUKhost is one of the best UK-based web hosting companies out there. It has been around since 2001. So, their track record is pretty clean and proven. Their cheap Windows VPS servers are built using Xen Virtualisation technology to deliver optimum website performance. Therefore, their VPS server is a powerhouse by itself. So, to enjoy 99% uptime, VPS unlimited bandwidths, and exuberant support without shaving off lots of money, use coupon code: “EUKCOUPON,” and enjoy 15% OFF on your VPS package.


Knownhost specializes in VPS hosting packages. With concentrated gravity on VPS options, they are able to provide superior and efficient services to users compared to other hardcore competitors like Ubuntu VPS or OpenVZ VPS. So, it’s a perfect solution for those who want to make a switch from shared hosting to a VPS solution. Knownhost is less known in the hosting industry due to the fact that they haven’t blown away a lot of money on marketing in comparison to Godaddy or Hostgator. They focused on ensuring optimum efficiency of their services. As a result, they have been able to survive in this cut-throat competitive arena for over a decade. Their competitive VPS features, affordable pricing, excellent staff, and performance reviews have helped them gain lots of customers over the years. For a limited time, one can use this promotion VPS coupon to get 50% OFF on all new VPS packages, “50OFF.”


Hostgator is all set to reclaim its crown as the king of the hosting business. Its VPS hosting package is proving to be a nuclear option for boatloads of webmasters out there. After all, it arms users with the power of a dedicated hosting at a fraction of its cost. For VPS discount on unmanaged VPS and all other VPS packages, use coupon code: “PEPPERMINT” during checkout. Expect a whopping 40% OFF. Keep the savings in your pocket. Plus, the service is backed by a money back guarantee. It’s not your standard 30-day money back guarantee. Hostgator stretches the money back guarantee period to 45 days.


With flawless uptime, stellar technical team, well-priced VPS solutions, GoDaddy is lately giving all the competitors a run for their money. Problems, if any are being resolved as they arise. So, if you have been bouncing around from one host to another, you could finally find a permanent home for your website through VPS GoDaddy server. Gladly, it seems that you are also wearing your lucky underpants today. With GoDaddy VPS coupon, you can enjoy 35% OFF on GoDaddy VPS packages. VPS Coupon Code: “CJCRMN35.”



Welcome to the grand world of FREE VPS provider. VPS gratis is the world’s largest free VPS Company, which can help one get started in the VPS arena without deep pockets. Yes, they don’t demand any money or credit card at the time of registration, but be ready to fill out some mandatory boring surveys to enjoy the free hosting. Moreover, don’t expect full-blown features for no cost, but startups can give it a shot until their business gets profitable enough to pay the outgoings.



Liquidweb is a Michigan-based hosting company that has been around for two decades. They are well-known in the industry for their high-quality services. Liquid Web’s VPS hosting is hands down one of the best Windows VPS out there. No, they do not offer cheap Linux server or cheap VPS with Cpanel, but you get what you pay for. Although their packages are a bit on the higher side, the peace of mind is worth the extra bucks. Don’t lose hope yet. You can get 35% OFF right away for 3 months at a stretch through their promotion VPS coupon code: “SPEEDY35.”



Interserver is a budget-friendly hosting company located in New Jersey, USA. With a strong focus towards uninterrupted services and reliable web resources, the company has come a long way since its inception way back in 1999. Talk about unmetered VPS, Forex VPS hosting, offshore VPS, or storage VPS, they cater to websites of all size with different hosting solutions. You could be paying one-third of what you were paying to the previous host and still be able to avail the same or far better service than them. For high-performance VPS hosting at affordable pricing, Interserver could prove to be your best bet. Their current VPS special pricing is $6/month.



Contabo is known for providing fast and reliable servers. If you are looking for a powerful VPS server with lots of disk space, unlimited bandwidth VPS, and excellent customer service without all the bells and whistles, then Contabo could prove to be your best bet. In terms of pricing, they are one of the cheapest out there. Most of the customer reviews found online about Contabo are positive. With good reliability, nice technical support, and professional hosting solutions, they are worth a look. Overall, one should be fine with them as long as one doesn’t push the VPS to its limits. Their VPS packages can be currently tried for free for the first month.


Heart Internet

Based in England, Heart Internet offers great value for mid-range hosting services. They run their own networks and data centers. This helps them keep their services affordable and also reliable. Their products are best fit for bargain hunters. Other than the basic plans, VPS and dedicated hosting are also offered at reasonable starter prices. Plus, they back their services with a 30-day money back guarantee. To top it all, one can get 20% OFF on their VPS packages with VPS discount code: “AFFVPS20.”


Turnkey Internet

Turnkey is a green internet hosting solution based in the USA. All their hosting solutions are powered by 100% renewable energy. Turnkey Internet offers stable hosting packages with praise-worthy customer support at reasonable rates. They have a rock solid network with an excellent track record of uptime. Moreover, they provide both self-managed and fully managed servers to their clients at reasonable rates. All their VPS packages have 100% uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and 30-day money back guarantees. Having spent more than a decade in the hosting industry, they have been able to gain a true goodwill for themselves. So, it’s an ideal resource for those who are looking for a green solution for their servers. Buy any VPS plan and get 50% off with this coupon: “NEWYEAR2017.”



NameCheap doesn’t require any introduction. It’s one of the most popular domain registrars out there in the market today. Hosting may not be its foremost business, but it still offers a decent range of hosting packages at affordable prices. Their VPS package is perfect for beginners. The best part is that they do not bombard their customer with endless upsells. Their support is also pretty straightforward and friendly. To further sweeten the deal over here, you can enjoy a splendid 40% OFF on your VPS July invoice with this coupon code: “GOHIKING.”


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