2017 Summer Discount – $0.99 Cent Web Hosting (WP!)

Cheapest web hosting wordpress 2017

New Update: I’ve just combined all of my web hosting discounts onto one page, check it out!

SBWebCenter has gotten a few sweet deals for web hosting this summer. This most recent one takes the cake – $0.99 web hosting per month! This includes WordPress hosting which is excellent for those who use WordPress (like me). WordPress hosting is a dedicated hosting server specifically designed for WordPress and can be a great way to speed up your site and thus boost its SEO.

A longstanding player in the hosting and domain registration game, 1&1 has its fair share of ups and downs over the past few years. 1&1 is notorious for its barebones support which equates to a pretty damn low cost.

$0.99 Cent Hosting 1&1 Discounts:

1&1 Regular Web Hosting$0.99 Cent per month deal

1&1 WordPress Web Hosting$0.99 Cent per month deal

1&1 Domain Registration$0.99 Cent discount

For only a dollar for their services, I see no reason not to try it out and experiment with new websites, stores, or whatever it is you want to share on the internet.

Please note that this is a limited time offer so make sure you get it while it lasts.

Suggestions Regarding 1&1 

I use 1&1 for quite a few things due to its low cost but this does come at a price. The company is known for its lack of service but I’ve 1&1 cheap 1 dollar hosting and domainsfigured out the best times to use 1&1 and how to make the most out of its services. Use their phone support – I haven’t had any problems with phone support thus far and usually, the person on the other end is super nice. Don’t use email for support though, the answers aren’t helpful and response time is slow. If you call you’ll at least get a response right away.

When to use 1&1? If you have any kind of web hosting experience then 1&1 is completely fine to use as you’ll require little support. In addition, their cheap domains are fine because quality doesn’t matter at all when it comes to domains. For 1&1’s web hosting quality – it’s comparable with almost all other hosts. It’s definitely not a top contender in hosting metrics but due to its super low rates, I feel that it is fine for all beginners. In addition, its WP hosting rate is the lowest I’ve ever seen for any WP hosting. The cost difference compensates for slightly lower performance and WP hosting is always better than shared hosting (if you use WP).

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  • May 3, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    This price is great for users who are brand new to online businesses. Very fast and easy to use. Highly recommended.


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