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Add Pay per Click Advertising to Your Blog to Make Money

Add Pay per Click Advertising to Your Blog to Make Money

Pay per click advertising is a way to make money on your blog when a visitor clicks on an ad. The most popular pay per click advertising is Google Adsense. Google matches ad content with the content and keywords of your site and the ads appear in the sidebar of your blog. Learn how to tap into the power of Google AdSense and start making passive income on your blog.

If you choose to use Google AdSense on your blog, take some time and learn how the system works. The design of the ads is crucial to receiving clicks from visitors. The ads should blend in with your site and match the color scheme. If your blog has a tan background with black font and red mouse over, code the Google ads to look the same. You want visitors to think the ads are part of your site, and not an ad. Google encourages this technique for getting more ad clicks.

Code the ads to produce text ads rather than image ads. A huge glaring image ad can be a turnoff to a reader. By using text ads, the look and feel of the content is not interrupted and the reader will think the ad is part of your blog’s content. Subtle text links generate more ad clicks than huge conspicuous image ads that jump out at the reader.

Choose the placement of the ads carefully based on the layout of your blog. Ideal placement of Google Ads is above the fold. (The fold is where the screen stops and the reader must page down to read more.) Make it easy for the reader to see the ad. If the ads are not in a prominent location, you won’t get as many clicks, and won’t make much money. Many bloggers place an ad on the top right of the page and the top center, just below the title. Again, placement will depend on the layout of the blog and where the space is available. Refer to the Google AdSense terms of use as there are limitations on how many ads can be placed on a page.

Pay per click advertising is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income on a blog. You might not have set out to earn a side income when you penned the first post of your blog.  However, you've not got yourself a decent sized audience and here's your chance to start monetizing those readers.  Getting started with anything new online is daunting, but with a little research of how Google AdSense works and the initial first push, you'll be on your way to your first online revenue stream.

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  • Pay per click advertising depends on your blogs Ads that pay bloggers based on the number of times the ad appears on the blog are called impression-based ads. Many bloggers think location an ads on the top right of the page.


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