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All Web Directories Were Not Created Equal

If you are new to doing business on the Internet or even new to search engine optimization, this article will explain the difference between a good web directory and a bad one.

A Good/Strong Directory…

  • Will manually review every submission and assess the quality of the submitted website.
  • Will have a unique design.
  • Will have unique directory categories.
  • Will take the time to revise titles, descriptions, and categories that are out of their standards.
  • Will provide a user experience that is unique from other directories.
  • Will have a diverse and natural looking backlink profile.
  • Will typically have a mid to high Google PageRank.
  • Will have SEO-friendly business pages with properly structured URLs.
  • Will have a considerable amount of organic traffic.
  • Will have an owner that is constantly working on improving the directory, including advertising and adding new features.

A Bad Directory…

  • Will auto-approve all submissions without regard to quality.
  • Will have mass duplicated categories or listings. Unfortunately, many directory owners do this to save time.
  • Will have a design that is not unique. The content of a directory is most important, but a serious directory should have a unique design as well.
  • Will have a spammy or unnatural backlink profile.
  • Will have little to no organic traffic.
  • Will typically have a low Google PageRank. Keep in mind that new directories will have little to no PageRank but it does not necessarily mean that it is a bad one.
  • Will be poorly maintained. Outdated listings, broken links, and miscategorized listings are just a few of the things that could signal a poorly maintained directory.

Properly managing a web directory is not easy work. It takes time and dedication. Next time you are looking around for a directory, think about how well-maintained the directory is. That is usually a good indicator of a strong directory.


Avoid cheap, automated, or mass auto-submit directories and networks. In today’s SEO world, it is about quality, not quantity. Instead of submitting to 10 weak directories, submit to one strong one. You’ll get more bang for your buck.

Check out my list of quality web directories.

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