September 2019 Free PPC Bing Ads, Google AdWords Promo Codes & Coupons!

This page contains discount PPC Promo Codes For: Bing Ads, Google AdWords, Amazon Product Ads, Linkedin Ads, Bidvertiser Ads, and Yahoo Gemini (Get more than $500 for your PPC/content/CPC advertising campaign at no cost)

Today, there are endless platforms available for pay-per-click advertisements that can help small businesses take flight within no time. The best part is that most of the reputable pay-per-click companies allow customers to test their service for no cost by offering free discount codes. 

Bing Ads - $50 & $100 free promo code and advertising credits for Bing

Bing Ads coupon codes by country (last updated March 28, 2019)

Want $100 in Bing Ads?: $100 Bing Ads

Disclosure: The $100 Bing Ads requires a $25 purchase of ads.

Is Bing PPC better than Google AdWords?

In a variety of field tests, it has been shown that advertising on Bing has 30% lower CPC than Google AdWords. CTR was higher by Googles by 34% and CTL was 6% lower. The reason for this may be because Bing has a much lower competition in the advertising space. The net result of this lower competition is more traffic and attention to your advertisements. 

By not exploring Bing Ads, loads of webmasters out there are innocently leaving a lot of money on the table. With great promises and exciting growth rate, Bing Ads can prove to be the next big thing in the PPC market.

If you are new to Bind Ads, the company cordially welcomes you to start your first PPC campaign for free. The promo code is generally sent to the customer’s email once they sign up for a free account with them. Depending on your country, you could receive anywhere from $50 to $100+ to run your first PPC campaign at no cost on your wallet. For more information regarding the differences between Bing Ads and Google AdWords, check out our article here.

Yelp for Business Owners

$300 Free in Yelp Ads for new eligible customers.

Google Adwords - From $25 to $100 in AdWord Credits

Bing and other PPC companies are trying hard for a head-to-head fight with Google Adwords. As a result, it seems that Google Adwords is not the only king in the PPC jungle. Although its monopoly doesn’t exist anymore, there are truckloads of serious supporters of Google Adwords. It’s not uncommon for big companies to have a million dollar campaign budget set for Google Adwords.

Google Adwords Free Sign up Promotional Coupon

Google Adwords generously welcomes new advertisers by offering them anywhere between $25 to $100 worth of free credit to try out their platform. Coupons are also occasionally emailed to existing customers. Google Adwords coupons can be secured directly through Google or one of their partners. Google Adwords have partnered with loads of companies to distribute free sign up discount codes to webmasters. Large numbers of hosting providers and Internet marketing businesses have tied up with Google to provide these promotional coupon codes to customers for no cost.

Basically, once you sign up for a new account and complete all the formalities such as entering your billing details, you get a chance to activate your free voucher by clicking on “Billing Preferences” tab and then entering the promo code when prompted. One can contact Google support team online to ask for coupons. Coupon Contact Link Here:

BidVertiser - $20 Free PPC Promotional Offer 

$20 credit for new advertisers - click here

BidVertiser offers $20 in free credit for new advertisers. So, you pay them nothing but receive $20 to get your ads on hundreds of premium sites across their network (does require a deposit). They have a huge network of 5000+ sites. Not to forget the fact that they are a cheaper alternative to Google Adwords and other high-profile PPC networks. Once you signup, all you need to do is create you promotional ad, find websites that target your demographic, and then set a price you're willing to pay per click.

Compared to the big names listed above, BidVertiser may seem like a small fish in the pond. However, they enjoy a good reputation in the PPC industry. They are an independent advertising company that allows customers to advertise on their publisher‘s websites. So, they can prove to be a great resource to tap into those audiences that you are unable to reach with other giant companies such as Amazon Ads or Google Adwords.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads - $50 PPC Credit

Sign up here for the free $50 in PPC

Amazon Ads is a fantastic outlet for business owners to increase the visibility of their products and services. By leveraging Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, one can get their items found on Amazon in front of super targeted consumers. This is perfect for those who are selling products because any shopper on Amazon is likely to have a higher than average intent on purchasing products.


LinkedIn Ads

$50 Free in Content Marketing Linkedin free content advertisements

Get $50 free sign up coupon here.

LinkedIn Ads is a powerful ad platform worth testing as well. Since it houses all kinds of professional people, your ad should ideally be tailored to these individuals. If you have a product or service that speaks to business owners or working individuals, you could strike gold with LinkedIn Ads.

In the war of pay-to-play free advertising, LinkedIn is not far behind. They are also trying to squeeze the juice by offering free credit to newcomers. Perfect for business related products or services. Another great reason for LinkedIn ads is its exceptional demographic with an above average net worth. One per customer per signup.