Web Hosting Deals, Codes, Promos, & Discounts 2017

discount and promo codes for web hosting and domain registrations

$1 domains, web hosting, promo codes, and discounts for all of the top hosting companies! Discounts for: BlueHost, Yahoo Aabaco, 1&1, eUKHost, FatCow, GoDaddy, HostGator, NameSilo, NameCheap.

With my many years of building relationships with domain registrars and web hosting companies, I’ve compiled and awesome list of deals, discounts, and promo codes for web hosting and domain registration services. I’ve done all of the hard work so you don’t have to! Hosting and domain registration services have been tanking in price over the past few years due to intense competition – I highly recommend you give it a try.

Quick Comparison of the cheapest hosting and domain packages:
Shared Hosting – 1&1 for 99 cent hosting (for both regular and WP) OR GoDaddy’s 1 cent web hosting (but its only for 1 month)
Website Builder – Yahoo for $7 per month
Domain Name – 1&1 for 99 cent domain name

BlueHost Discounts:

$2 Off Shared Hosting Basic Package BlueHost discount credit
34% off BlueHost Shared Hosting Packages
50% Off Premium Dedicated Hosting 

$3.95 WordPress Hosting Promo – Click Here
Website Builder  $5.95 per month 

web hosting and web builder credit
Yahoo Hosting & Web Builder Discount:

$7 per month website builder 
New Ecommerce Store discount  -> Click Here ($26 per month)

35% Off Web Hosting

1&1 – One Dollar Hosting and Domains!1&1 discount credit for web hosting

$0.99 per month deal (Regular Hosting)
$0.99 per month deal (WP Hosting)
$0.99 discount (Domain Registration)

eUKHost Spring Promo Codes

20% Off eUK Hosting ($2.78 per month)
15% Off Code -> EUKCOUPON

Note: Offer Expires May 30th

FatCow Hosting fat cow cheap hosting credits

Web Hosting Discount -> 60% Off FatCow’s Web Hosting
– Comes with free website builder and domain name


HostGator Discounts and Codes

30% Off New Hosting Packages (code SNAPPYDAY)hostgator cheap website hosting
60% Off – Code RMN60
1 CENT Hosting – First month only

GoDaddy Discounts and Codes

30% discount for domain registrationsGoDaddy 3 for 1 Promotion
$1 Domains for new users
$1.50 web hosting (or $1 with a year contract)

20% Off shared hosting – code cjc20host

NameCheap Promo CodesNamecheap logo

$5 Off Ultimate Hosting (Code BLUESKY)
15% Off Web Hosting (Code MAYPRO15)
10% Off Domain Registrations (Use Code SUNSHOWER)

Expires May 31st


See below for a more in-depth comparison, reviews, more discounts, and comparisons of prices!


BlueHost – Up to 50% off on web hosting servicesBlueHost

Shared hosting discount – >$2 Off Shared Hosting Basic Package 
Shared hosting discount -> 34% off BlueHost Shared Hosting Packages
Dedicated hosting discount -> 50% Off Premium Dedicated Hosting 
WordPress Hosting Discount – > Click Here
Website Builder Discount -> $5.95 per month 

Quick Comparison:

Basic Shared hosting is $3.95 per month
Dedicated hosting standard is 70.99 per month
WP Hosting at $2.95 per month (Very low price imo)
Please Note: These discounts are limited and will expire on May 30th. Discounts are automatic and do not require a promo code.

BlueHost has been in the business for nearly 20 years now. So, it’s not one of those companies that were incepted a year or two ago and is still trying to test the market. The company already has strong roots in the hosting industry and hosts millions of websites for consumers across the globe. As a company, they are rated to be reliable, trustworthy, and their domain and hosting packages are relatively affordable. Other than a small share of hard-to-please customers, they have done well with the rest of their customers. Therefore, they have been able to survive for this long in this highly competitive niche.


Yahoo – New website builder and web hosting coupons

Website Builder discount -> Website builder for $7
New Ecommerce Store discount  -> Click Here ($26 per month)
Web Hosting Coupon -> 35% Off Web Hosting

Quick Comparison:
Web Hosting is $2.49 per month (with discount and basic plan)
– Advanced plan is only $3.99 per month!

Please Note: Expiration is unkown for these coupons. ALSO web hosting includes $100 in ad credits and a free domain!

Yahoo web hosting services haven’t flourished as much as they would have expected. However, their brand name does create a market buzz and draws customers towards their domain and hosting packages. Frankly speaking, their hosting packages are ideal for small businesses because they do not offer virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated web hosting plans. So, they cannot be rated as a fully stocked hosting company.

If you are a new or small business owner, you can give a shot at Yahoo’s hosting packages. You can claim your Yahoo Aabaco discount coupon here through this link. Click here


1&1 – One Dollar Hosting and Domains!

1&1 Regular Web Hosting – $0.99 per month deal
1&1 WordPress Web Hosting – $0.99 per month deal
1&1 Domain Registration – $0.99 discount

Founded in 1988, 1&1 is one of the largest hosting companies out there. They offer a wide range of domain and hosting packages that would fit upcoming as well as high-traffic websites. Their prices and hosting services are at par with the industry standards. The fact that they have been in the business for longer than most of their competitors combined with the information that they offer good customer support with minimal reported downtime does provide them an edge over their competitors.

1&1 Hosting Coupon

For a limited time, pay only 0.99/month for an unlimited hosting package.  Click Here to avail this super low price benefit.


eUKHost – 20% Off Spring Sale

20% Off eUKHost ->20% Hosting Discount (only $2/78 per month)
15% Off Discount Code -> EUKCOUPON during checkout

Note: Offer Expires May 30th

eUKHost is one of the foremost UK based hosting company.  With three tiers of hosting packages, they cater to the needs of beginners as well as advanced Internet marketers. On the reliability front, they are quite good. Their customer support and uptime is also at par with the industry standards. However, their pricing is just a little bit high. You could find cheaper hosting packages in the market. That being said, they are worth the cost

eUKHost Hosting Packages Discount Promo Code

The best way to get started with them is to avail 15% discount on their hosting packages by using the coupon code, “EUKCOUPON.” Click here for the site link.


FatCow – 60% Web Hosting (Comes with a web builder!)

Web Hosting Discount -> 60% Off FatCow’s Web Hosting

Bonuses: Comes with website builder, shopping cart, a domain name, and unlimited domain hosting. Costs $3.15 per month.

Don’t get fooled by the stupid name for a hosting company. They do take their business and customers seriously.  It’s one of the most budget-friendly hosting companies out there. They do a good job in ensuring that their data center keeps maximum uptime. They provide 24/7 customer support as well. Overall, they are great for novice webmasters and high-traffic site owners. However, you are better off with the competition for high-traffic sites. That’s the only time you might want to put this cow out to pasture.

Fat Cow Hosting Promo Code

To save more than 50% on the first month on their hosting packages, try this link. A free domain is included as well.


Hostgator – 30% Off Web Hosting and 1 CENT HOSTING?!

Web Hosting Discount – 30% Off New Hosting Packages (code SNAPPYDAY)
Web Hosting Discount – 1 CENT Hosting (For the first month)

Basic hosting costs $3.95 without discounts. WP Hosting is $5.95 a month.

With pretty affordable pricing, good support, and performance, Hostgator provides just about anything and everything under the digital sun. In fact, they have built their reputation over great website speed and excellent customer support. Their services include 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime guarantee and 45-days money back guarantee. If you have numerous websites, and your focus is on performance as well as budget, Hostgator won’t disappoint you.

Hostgator Hosting Coupon Code

You can save up to 60% on new hosting packages plus $4.99 on select domain names by using the coupon code given here: RMN60. Simply visit their site here and enter the coupon code during checkout. Of course, the offer holds good for a limited time only.


Godaddy – One Dollar Domains and HostingGoDaddy 3 for 1 Promotion

Domain Registration Discount – 30% off domain registrations
Domain Registration Discount – $1 Domains (new users only)
Web Hosting Discount – $1.50 web hosting (or $1 with a year contract)

If big brand equals to good products, then GoDaddy does fit the bill to a great extent. They are a global brand, and sometimes they offer steep discounts on their plans. The cheaper tier packages will have a number of limitations on bandwidth, disk space, etc. So, those packages are clearly for the beginners. They offer 45-days money back guarantee. Performance wise, they are good as well. However, they clearly over-advertise, so you will see a lot of upselling during checkout, which can piss some people.

Godaddy Hosting Coupons 20% Off

Use coupon code “cjc20host” to get 20% off on shared hosting packages. Site Link Here:



Founded on 2010, Namesilo is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar. At the moment, they only provide domain registration and management service. So, you will have to choose some other company for hosting the domains. In terms of price and features, they do fairly better than their competitors. Their pricing is generally on the lower end.

Namesilo Domain Discount

Paste this coupon code “1-free” at checkout page to get $1 off on new registrations as well as domain transfers.


Namecheap – 15% and $5 Web HostingNamecheap logo

Ultimate Hosting Package Coupon – $5 Off Ultimate Hosting (Code BLUESKY)
Web Hosting Discount Code – 15% Off Web Hosting (Code MAYPRO15)
Domain Registration Discount – 10% Off (Use Code SUNSHOWER)

Please Note that the above offers end May 31st

Namecheap offers cheap and quality hosting packages. With minimal downtime and tons of TLD’s at affordable pricing, they are worth a shot. However, be ready for a forced upgrade if your site uses high space. If you don’t upgrade after repeated warnings, your site may face a temporary ban. So, if your site explodes, it’s better to upgrade on time as opposed to sticking to the cheaper tier packages. Other than that, Namecheap enjoys a good reputation in the hosting industry.

Namecheap Hosting Coupon

For a limited time, you can get 15% off on professional hosting plans by using this coupon code “MAYPRO15.” Namecheap site link here


DreamHostDreamHost Coupon Code

DreamHost offers a huge spectrum of hosting options from shared hosting to Cloud hosting. So, low profile sites can start here and seemingly upgrade to another package as the site picks up momentum because the basic packages have a cap on disk space, bandwidths, etc. just like any other hosting company. In a head-to-head comparison to major competitors, it will win on some fronts and lose on some fronts. That being said, they do back their products and services with money-back guarantee. Overall, they are worth a shot since the prices are competitive, and the service is satisfactory for the most part.

DreamHost Hosting Discount Coupons

For a limited time, you could save 40% on shared hosting through this deal. Link Here