Business Credit & Loans

It’s hard enough starting up a new business, but to grow it, is even harder. That’s where a small business loan can help. When they say it’s easier to make money when you have money, it’s true. With access to more capital, you’ll be able to tap into resources that you couldn’t before, and you’ll be able to reach your business goals faster.

Business Credit:

  • Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) – Provider of actionable business data and credit information for risk management.
  • Equifax Small Business – Provider of small business credit reports and monitoring services on businesses in the United States.

Small Business Loans (Alternative / Non-traditional):

  • CAN Capital – Provides business loans and merchant cash advances to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Credibly – Provides working capital business loans for small to mid-sized businesses. Credibly brings speed, flexibility and transparency to business lending that you won’t find at traditional banks.
  • CrowdFunder – Venture capital based on crowd-sourcing.
  • ForwardLine – Offers business financing and payment processing services.
  • Fundation – Direct online lender of small business loans. They provide simple and secure loans without the hassles of a long application process.
  • Fundera – A lender-matching platform for small business. Fill out one application and receive offers from multiple lenders if you qualify. Fundera is like LendingTree for small business.
  • Fundia Capital – Offers business lines of credit for startups and small businesses. Most types of businesses are accepted, though businesses that have already developed a strategic blueprint to success are preferred.
  • Funding Circle – An online lending platform that connects small business owners with loan investors. Sort of like peer-to-peer lending for small businesses.
  • Headway Capital – Direct lender offering business lines of credit. Their loan process is quicker and simpler than working with a bank.
  • Kabbage Working Capital – Loans specifically for all small business in the US. Very friendly staff that specialize in helping small businesses. Process is easier and faster than getting a loan at a bank.
  • Lendio – A leading small business loan marketplace that connects business owners with legitimate lenders offering loan options between $1,000-1,000,000.
  • Lendvo – Provides secured loans on websites and digital assets. Loans range between $5,000 – $100,000.
  • Lighter Capital – Growth capital loans designed for tech companies and entrepreneurs that run digital businesses. Monthly payments are variable and based on a fixed percentage of your monthly revenue.
  • OnDeck – Following the trend of new alternative lenders, OnDeck offers financing designed for small businesses. Since their launch in 2007, they have delivered over $900 million in loans to date. They are rated A+ by the BBB, and they lend in all 50 states.
  • Ascend Funding – Provides merchant cash advance and working capital for small businesses that have been in operation for over 6 months. Apply online with minimal paperwork, and get funded within 24 to 72 hours.
  • SnapCap – A new type of loan company for small businesses. Fast, paperless application process with no collateral requirements. They use your bank statements and sales transactions to qualify your loan.
  • SunWise Capital – Founded in 2005, SunWise began focusing on loans for small businesses that were not able to qualify for a traditional bank loan. SunWise Capital does not require a ton of paperwork and good credit is not necessary.
  • Wall Funding – An alternative small business lender offering cash advance loans. No collateral is required, and bad credit is accepted. They use a business’ future revenue as a basis for loan approvals.
  • Yalber – Yalber offers up to 500K in funding within 48 hours. No credit score and no collateral required. Just 3 months in business with at least 7K in monthly sales.
  • Zazma – A new concept in small business lending. Instead of lending cash, this company makes supply purchases on behalf of the business. Then, the business pays back the loan based on an agreed upon schedule.