eUKhost – Review and 20% Off Spring Discount

Cheapest web hosting, eUK host review, value web hosting servicesBoasting more than 1,000 positive reviews on FB and Google Plus, eUKhost has drastically grown their suite of web hosting products over the last few years. They recently came out with a 20% off spring discount for their premium web hosting services and I highly recommend giving them a try. I’ve had quite a few clients tell me that they have one of the best customer support teams and that they’ve never had any issues with their UI (they use CPanel hosting). Please note that the eUK coupon doesn’t require an actual code, just use the link and the price is already discounted (until May 30).

20% off Web Hosting: eUKhost 20% off Discount Coupon

With 24/7 support, permanent price freezes, no min contracts, and unlimited email accounts, this is easily the best deal I’ve come across.

Price Freeze – This means that you’ll get the 20% off in price as long as you stay with them!

Valid Until May 30, 2017 – This will expire soon!

Eligible countries: China, Italy, France, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, US, UK, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, South Africa, and more

eUKhost – Review of the Cheapest UK Hosting 

Value – 10/10

At only 3.33 per month (in pounds), eUKhost has an extremely low cost for their basic plan. This includes a free domain name, money back guarantees, and permanent price freezes. What I love about their services is how many perks they offer, making a purchase risk free.

Service (eUK support) – 8.5/10

Although I’ve never used their services personally, I can say from second hand sources that they have one of the best customer support services in the business. This is evident from how well they advertise their support line which includes 24/7 support.

Web hosting options – 7/10

The reason they have a 7 here is because they don’t offer other hosting services such as WP dedicated hosting. But other then that, they seem to have the standard three tier plans.

Other perks from eUKhost:

No minimum contracts – this is quite a huge deal for me and makes the value that much greater. I’ve never seen no minimum contracts before with such a low price. All other hosting services that I’ve reviewed or used usually require a minimum of 6 months, especially if they’re a low cost provider.

Unlimited email accounts – Again, this is a pretty awesome free feature, especially if you want multiple emails for your business

  • as I said before, they also have money back guarantees and permanent price freezes (the price wont change on you!)

Of all the hosting deals I’ve given this year, this one has to be the cheapest web hosting in 2017. If I wasn’t in a contract right now, I would definitely signup for eUKhost because I hate contracts! Also, I personally like having the unlimited email accounts options.


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