PPC Ad Management Service

SEO has become a risky business as Google continues to shape and rearrange the SEO landscape. With SEO becoming more time-consuming and labor intensive, more businesses are having to rely on other reliable sources to drive targeted traffic to their websites. One of the most popular and effective ways to drive traffic to your site is through PPC or search advertising.

Why PPC?

  • PPC is cost-effective. As long as you are dealing with a quality network, you can expect to receive real intent-driven visitors your site. And if you want to see how your ads are working, you can always set up conversion tracking to measure performance.
  • Control. You may feel a little nervous about paying by the click, but PPC networks like Adwords provides a great deal of control. In the dashboard, you will have the ability to set max CPCs, budgets, targeting, network, and more.
  • Wide reach. Advertising through a network like Adwords not only gives you access to the Google search network, but also thousands of partner sites throughout the world.
  • No commitment requirements. Don’t like how things are turning out? No problem. Unlike other traditional advertising programs, you can stop your PPC advertising campaign at any time and you will only get billed for the clicks that you received thus far.

What’s Holding You Back?

You want more exposure for your business, but you may have some things that are holding you back. Maybe you’re hesitant because you have no experience. Maybe you feel like you don’t have a budget for it. Maybe you don’t any time to manage it. Whatever the reason is, these are legitimate concerns for a business owner to have. I know PPC advertising may be taking you out of your comfort zone. But, sometimes in business, you have to take chances in order to become successful. If you read any of the interviews of the top business entrepreneurs in the world, they will tell you the same thing… they took chances.

How I Can Help

I have been launching and managing Google Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns for myself and various clients since 2007. I can do it all from setting up a new campaign to optimizing and managing it. My goal for any PPC campaign is to maximize return-on-investment.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please contact me.

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