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Retargeting – Ads That Follow You Around

You ever notice that while browsing the web, that certain advertisements seem to follow you around? Yeah, kinda freaky right? Well, there is a reason for this madness. It’s called Retargeting. Although it’s been around for several years now, very few people know about it – especially if you’re not involved in online marketing.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a method of advertising in which an advertisement is displayed to the same user or visitor over and over again. According to some sources, only 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Retargeting works to target the other 98% that don’t convert into a sale. The idea is that if you keep showing the advertiser’s message to the same person repeatedly, they will remember the brand and eventually return to the site when they’re ready to buy.

How Retargeting Works

When you visit an online store or website, it places a cookie in your web browser. This data is stored in your browser until you delete your cookies. As you visit various websites in the future, the ads for the online store that you visited earlier may be displayed to you. Not all advertisers are using this method of marketing, so keep in mind that Retargeting only works if the advertiser is promoting through an ad network that supports Retargeting, such as Google Adwords or AdRoll.

How Retargeting Works
Courtesy of Northstar Web Design

Is Retargeting Effective?

Retargeting has been known to increase click-through rates and conversions. It is most effective for online stores or sites with a clear call-to-action. AdRoll sums up Retargeting very well in one phrase: “Retargeting converts window-shoppers into buyers.”

What are your thoughts on Retargeting? Is it smart or creepy?

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