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SEMrush Vs Moz – Which One Gives More Bang For Buck?

While many new online business owners and entrepreneurs get their start by using free SEO tools to improve their search engine rankings, most find it is simply not enough. This is especially true when their businesses start expanding, but the dearth of new customers slows their progress. So, it’s not surprising when they turn to the top SEO tools for a more advanced and comprehensive overview of their websites (and competitors). SEO tools are becoming the norm amongst website owners, SEO guru’s, and SEO services. The ability to aggregate a ton of key metrics and information has never been easier. These tools potentially save hundreds of hours looking at competitors, keywords, site improvements, and other metrics that are extremely difficult to get without the bots and automation that current SEO tools bring to the table.

Two of the most popular types are SEMrush and Moz which many online business owners use to boost traffic. While both offer free 30-day trials, which one is the best for your needs? In this article, I’ll talk about both SEMrush and Moz – the two golden standard SEO tools to date – and tell you which one gives more value per dollar. Both are known for slightly different things but are quickly branching out to be an SEO service for everything important when it comes to site audits and ranking.

SEMrush ReviewSEMrush overview

SEMrush is an excellent online SEO system that offers a great package of features starting with the easy-to-use keyword research. As a Moz alternative, you can find excellent, low-competition keywords that can really shape your incoming traffic. Site Audit lets you fix issues with your own website to boost rankings and you can create new projects using researched keywords to test out new marketing strategies. SEMrush offers considerable flexibility in researching keywords, doing analysis on backlinks, and even learning more about your competitors’ keywords so you can beat the competition. Perhaps its greatest strength is its ability to combine with Google AdWords so you can find the right low competition keywords that optimize your rankings.

So, what exactly is the major difference between SEMrush and its alternatives? SEMrush has the following features that make it unique: magic keyword tool, comprehensive website overview, projects feature, reports feature, and an SEO content template tool.

SEMrush has been quick to innovate and quickly roll out new features. Its keyword magic tool is an advanced keyword tool that gives excellent filtering capabilities, better than most other keyword tools I’ve tried. I would say the only downside to SEMrush’s keyword metrics is that its keyword difficulty score isn’t all that accurate. If you’re ONLY into keywords, I’d suggest KWfinder. KWfinder has a much more comprehensive system for getting essential info on keywords and also has a more accurate KWD (keyword difficulty) score. If on the other hand, you want a comprehensive tool for SEO, SEMrush is the way to go. Through its dashboard, you can gather all the essential information you need for whatever websites you want. You can even customize the dashboard to your liking. SEMrush is a premium type of SEO service that has all of the capabilities you would expect – full backlink profile, ability to generate PDF or Excel reports, and researching competitors.

Check out this link for a free trial of SEMrush.

Moz Review

Benefits include an excellent 30-day free trial which demonstrates what Moz offers, a continual update of tools and features so that you can access the latest advances and quick answers to questions which are most helpful for those starting out.

Moz is known for both its blog and heavily-relied-upon SEO metrics. Moz invented the DA and PA, both of which are considered gold standards for measuring a website’s worth. In addition, Moz has an awesome community of SEO experts who give away a ton of great content via their blog. As an SEMrush alternative, Moz offers the basics all in a great package that includes their analytics, keyword metrics, crawl errors, and how many mentions of your online brand just to name a few. Plus, there is a spam analysis that will identify spam links and an optimization checklist to help streamline the process and check your rankings.

SEMrush Vs Moz – Pricing & Value Overview

Currently, the pricing of SEMrush Pro and Moz Pro are virtually identical at $99.95 and $99 per month respectively. There are some similarities, but also some differences that you should consider before making your purchase. The similarities start with each having five sites to track along with five PDF reports each month.  You can try SEMrush for 7 days free using this link.

However, the differences include SEMrush tracking 500 keywords, 100,000 pages to crawl, and 50 tracked social media profiles a month for one user while Moz Pro tracks 300 keywords, 250,000 pages to crawl, and no tracked social media profiles, although two users are part of their services. Here, the differences between Moz and SEMrush start to stand out, making for the best SEO alternatives when it comes to getting better search engine rankings. If you’re really concerned about maxing out the limits of keywords, crawls, and other things, then SEMrush may be a better route. I’ve personally tried out both services via their trials and both have their pros and cons. If you have multiple websites and competitors that you want to analyze, I would suggest SEMrush as their dashboard is super convenient for up to date and essential information.


The advantages of Moz is that most of what it offers is free which makes it perfect for those who are just starting out or have limited funds. However, as an SEMrush alternative, Moz is sorely lacking in its Pro program with much of the tools being inferior to what its competition offers. If you are looking for a professional program that not only boosts your rankings but lets you beat the competition, SEMrush offers the best solution. As a final word, I highly suggest trying both tools out. There is no harm in trying out their 30-day trial to get a feel for which one is a better choice. The cost per month can be quite high so there is definitely no harm in trying it out.

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