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Small Business Owners are Less Optimistic about 2014

According to a recent poll¬†conducted by Wells Fargo & Gallup, small business owners are less optimistic about going into 2014 when compared to 2013. 605 small business owners were asked “All in all, are you more optimistic about your business’ future going into 2014 than you were going into 2013, less optimistic, or about the same?” Twenty-three percent said they were more optimistic, 49% said they felt about the same, and 28% responded with a less optimistic outlook.

Compared to the same poll in 2011, there was a slight increase (+2%) in optimism among small business owners. You could say that this is a move in the right direction, but there is still uncertainty about the economy.

Although I feel some of the same uncertainties that many people feel, I am siding with the people who are more optimistic. I think we have seen the bottoming of the economy in the last few years. Today, we’re seeing a gradual improvement in unemployment rates and the stock market has been at its highest levels in history. So, all these signs are pointing in the right direction, and I feel like if we all proceed with the right attitude, we can make it a good year. You either make things happen, or you wait for things to happen to you.

What about you… are you more or less optimistic about 2014 and why?

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