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To unlock the doors of traffic, it has become second nature for webmasters to submit their sites to top web directories. After all, some of the strongest web directories can make one’s site a traffic hero. The common practice is to compile the latest directory submission sites list for web directories submission.

Many webmasters out there lose money on SEO directory submissions by not being familiar with the discounts available in the top directories submission sites list. To help you out, we have compiled below an SEO friendly directory list with discounts and coupons for you. Web directories are an excellent way to get link juice and authority to your site, which will permanently increase your sites rankings and therefore traffic.

Latest directory submission list Coupons and Discounts:

Jasmine Directory Coupon Code: JDOCT30 (check out the site here)
Dirjournal 40% Coupon Code: DJTurns10 – 40% Discount (check out the site here)
BlogHints Coupon Code: bh2018 – 35% discount (Submit your link here)
BOTW Coupon Code: CYBER50 – 50% off! (check out the site here)
AliveDirectory Coupon Code:- NA
Findelio Web Directory Coupon Code: – Free to submit!
B2blistings Coupon Code: – Free to submit!


Dirjournal Directory Coupon Code

A general web directory launched in 2007, Dirjournal Directory has never looked back. It’s a now a home to a powerful network of handpicked high-quality sites. Unlike the typical web directory, Dirjournal has a host of writers who contribute to the site to add a natural appeal to the site, which other directories lack at the moment. Budget-conscious webmasters can test drive the directory with the discount coupon code provided over here. Coupon code: DJTurns10. Check out their site here. DIRJournal is considered one of the gold standards of website submission sites as their vetting process is extensive and ensures high-quality sites.


A quality, human moderated web directory that is straightforward and simple to navigate. I’ve personally spoken to the owner of this directory and can attest to its legitimacy and care for quality links. The website has all of the standard requirements of any good directory – low to medium cost for quality links, extensive website description, detailed categories, and a required link-back for free submissions. This ensures that those who submit their links can be vetted with ease and will be put into the proper category. Google loves relevancy – the relevancy of a link is one of the most important and underrated parts of SEO and why most directories are going out of business. BlogHints does well in trying to maintain relevancy via their categories and payment scheme.

Jasmine Directory Discount

One of the cleaner directories around the web, Jasmine Directory has earned a reputation for being an authoritative and non-spam directory. That being said, it’s a paid web directory. Just because a certain fee is paid doesn’t guarantee a slot at this popular web directory. It’s a human edited directory. So, all the submitted sites are reviewed by the editors. If the submitted sites meet certain criteria, only then the site will be accepted or else the submitted payment is fully refunded.

Having a strict acceptance policy in place has helped them stay ahead of the game. Internet legends would agree to the fact that it’s better to get one’s site listed in a few quality directories as opposed to plastering one’s sites over hundreds of inferior web directories. Created in 2009, Jasmine Directory has been able to separate itself from the pack and is now one of the most preferred sites for directory submission. Depending on your preference, you can either choose express listing for $79.00 or standard listing for $59.00. Both are one-time costs for lifelong listing.


BOTW Directory Discount

BOTW is a high-quality directory. The editorial integrity has allowed it to thrive in this competitive niche. To maintain the big picture of reserving quality, they reject sites quite frequently that do not meet their guidelines. For every accepted site, plenty of them are rejected. However, once your site is approved, you only have to pay a one-time link to get traffic and authoritative backlink to your site for $299.00. For low-cost yearly blog directory approval, their price is $149/year.


AliveDirectory Promo Code

AliveDirectory is one the most trusted directories out there today. They have enjoyed more than a decade-long presence on the web. With a strong PageRank and authority, the site is packed with high-quality sites. Therefore, it would help to get one’s site submitted to AliveDirectory. To get the site featured, one has to pay $49.95 for an annual listing or a one-time fee of $149.95 for a permanent listing on the directory.


Findelio Web Directory

It’s an SEO friendly, human edited directory that enjoys a good reputation in the web directory industry. All the submissions are reviewed before approval. They cover a broad range of topics, and they offer both free and paid options for adding your website to their directory list.


B2blistings Directory

Seen by thousands of daily visitors, B2B Directory is centered towards business to business websites only. So, it’s a perfect fit for various small businesses out there. All the submitted links are human approved to maintain the integrity of the web directory. They enable users to submit a free listing, yearly listing, or a lifetime listing categorized under gold and silver listing. The gold listing includes a free Twitter promotion to thousands of B2B Directory followers. Also, users are ensured of guaranteed money back if the submission is not approved due to any reason.


Last Words

For those looking for a diverse backlink profile, web directory submission can prove to be a useful bet. That being said, relying on free ones would mean waiting forever to get approved. Moreover, Google has lost its respect for the majority of the free directories. Therefore, it’s advisable to go for few high-quality directories as opposed to endlessly chasing hundreds of inferior web directories. From my experience, free directories are a waste of time because what you’re looking for are strong powerful backlinks and link juice. What’s great about web directories is that they are a hub of links; If those links are properly vetted, the directory will be worthwhile for everyone involved. This is why directories are still relevant today and can be of great value to rank your website.

5 thoughts on “Web Directory Coupons, Promos, and Discounts

  • I would like to know if you have used these yourself and what benefit you found from them. Did you get an increase in domain authority?

    • Hi John,

      I wouldn’t have advocated them if they didn’t work for me. I cannot comment on all of the directories above but I’ve used and continue to use some and have found them effective. They’ve boosted my DA (and other SEO metrics) and have increased my traffic. The effectiveness is not something I can comment on as SEO and rankings take quite a long time – up to a year. During that time, a website can go through many changes. I’ve used directories on many of my websites. Quality is important, check out my other article regarding evaluating directories. Hope this helps!

  • Chris

    Do you have any more recent coupons for good directories? I am trying to submit my site on a good quality directory? thanks!

    • Hi Chris. So sorry for the late reply! I’ve talked to some people and managed to get a discount code for Jasmine – try this – JDOCT30

      I use Jasmine personally and can attest to its quality.


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