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Yahoo Gemini Coupon Code for $50 Free Credit – 2015

Yahoo Gemini Advertising

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[2017 UPDATE] Due to popular demand, SBWebCenter is offering free Bing ads – 2017 edition. It should be noted that Bing takes 30% of total search engine traffic! This is excellent for those looking to test the waters on their new ad campaigns. I highly recommend taking action now and trying them out. Also, Bing has advertising parternships with Yahoo (as of this writing), so you can still have access to Yahoo via Bing.

For those looking for free Bing Ad Coupon Code:

If you don’t think Bing applies to you, check out my article on why Bing Ads can be more effective than Google AdWordsThough Bing has less search volume, it can actually bring in higher ROI and lower cost than Google. 

With Bing Ads, you can start tapping into millions of potential customers searching for products and services like yours on the Bing Network. Bing Ads reaches far beyond just Microsoft-owned sites. They also have advertising partnerships with big publishers like Yahoo and AOL.


If you’ve been meaning to advertise on the Yahoo network, this is the right time. For a limited time, Yahoo Gemini is running a promotion for $50 free credit towards your new advertising account. You will be credited with $50 upfront, so you can start sending quality traffic to your website right away. By advertising on Yahoo Gemini, your ads can be seen on Yahoo searches and article pages, viewable on both desktops and mobile devices.

Now is a good time to start advertising on Yahoo – just in time for the holidays!

Coupon code: YAHOOADS (click to activate)

Starts: Now

Expires: October 31, 2015

Go to: Yahoo Gemini

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  • great post,thanks a lot for this ,its great for me since im making new fitness blog


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