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Yahoo Small Business Discounts – Exclusive 50% Off


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2018 UPDATE: I’ve recently consolidated all of my web hosting discounts onto this page, check it out.

As noted in my previous article, Yahoo has just partnered up with SBWebCenter and allowed us to offer 50% off on many of their small business services. Get Domains, Site Builders, Business Mail, Business Listings for huge discounts! Yahoo has been releasing a ton of great online services with excellent deals on all of them. In this post, I’ll give you the Aabaco and Yahoo coupons and also go over every service in detail, including which ones I’ve personally used and the pros & cons of each service.

Here are the links for Yahoo & Aabaco Discounts and Coupons: (last updated April 12th, 2018)

Note – Almost all of these deals come with 30-day satisfaction guarantees. If you’re hesitant about trying some of these services there’s no need to worry! Think of it as a refundable trial period. If you’re not satisfied, just get a refund. Also, almost all of these services come with a free domain if you register for a certain time period.

What is LocalWorks Business Listing?

LocalWorks is a business directory that helps boost your site’s visibility and prominence on the web. Since your site will be listed on more than 60+ sites, you could gain massive SEO page rank and therefore page views. I’ve personally used this service and saw results quite quickly. It does take a little bit of time but you should notice that your keywords and site start ranking much quicker. If you’re not too sure as to how a business directory could help you out, check out my previous article here.

Yahoo localworks business listing



Yahoo Small Business Website Builder – Any Good?Yahooo cheap and cost effective web hosting

If you check out the Yahoo website builder, you’ll notice that this is an awesome deal right now. At a super low price of $7 a month, you can get a ton of freebies as well as amazing themes. I’ve already signed up for this because it basically pays itself. If you sign up, you get a free domain and $100 credit for search marketing. If you’re not an expert with CSS or HTML, I highly recommend this. Even if you’re using WordPress, website builders like the one Yahoo is offering can be much more convenient and easier to use. I’ve personally spent many hours troubleshooting with WordPress. When using a professional service like this, you can get answers right away and don’t have to keep editing small bits of code. Additionally, from my experience, free WordPress themes have very little to no customer service. Since their free, there’s really no incentive to help. If you compare this low price of $7 a month to a premium WordPress theme, it’s definitely an attractive offer.

Check out some of the themes the website builder has here.


Domain’s For Less Than $1 – I’m Sold!


Yahoo is having an exclusive offer for 0.95 cents for a domain (for the first year). This is probably the best deal that I’ve ever seen for domains. Even GoDaddy’s first-time domain registration doesn’t beat this. There’s really no need to compare quality when it comes to domains, they’re all pretty much the same by now. Yahoo offers all of the typical services you’d imagine for domain registration. If you think you may need a domain in the future, you might as well get it now as this deal may not last.


Yahoo’s Web Hosting – Pretty Damn Cost Effective

I’ve mentioned this briefly in my previous article regarding this hosting deal. Yahoo is taking 50% off all of their web hosting services, with the lowest one being $2.49 per month. That is crazy cheap. And if you do sign up, you get $100 in ad credits, a free domain, and you can host up to 10 sites. I’ve looked around at other sites as of this writing and this rate seems pretty solid. The only problem I have is that the site doesn’t say what type of hosting it is. It’s safe to say that this is probably a shared hosting platform. But for those who are just looking to start a few websites, this would be perfect. Free domain and ad credits will go a long way in keeping it cost effective. It should be noted that the freebies and rate assume you purchase the 12-month plan. But even at that – it will only cost $30 for a year’s worth of hosting.


How Good is This Yahoo Business Mail?

On Yahoo’s site, they tout 4.5 stars on the Apple Store (being higher than Gmail and Outlook). I personally have never used a business mail service before, so you gotta make this judgment for yourself. Though at $1.19 per month, it doesn’t seem too bad. If you need reliable, secure, and great mail management, I’m sure Yahoo will cover it. And guess what, it also comes with a free domain. Yahoo is giving out domains like candy. Probably because they’re in need of excellent service and more customers, as you may have heard from their impending fiasco and acquisition.

Here are some of the features that they offer for their business mail service:

Yahoo business mail discount code


Yahoo Small Business Stores – What’s This All About?

I’ve never heard about this service before so it may be a new thing Yahoo is rolling out. I’ve read their page in-depth to see what all the hype is about. The service is essentially like a website builder on roids. It’s pretty much like Shopify – a website builder catered to online businesses. Since I don’t sell products online myself, I don’t think I would use it. The price is $26 per month which is extremely competitive with other offers. Also, if you sign up you get payment processing, a domain name, and business email accounts. Another interesting feature I saw was a product catalog that allowed for bulk imports and exports of products.

If you have a site selling products then this could be the service for you. It’s cheap relative to other services and Yahoo’s themes seem pretty nice (though I’m not an expert on design). I do advocate website builders because they generally can save you a ton of time. I’ve personally spent a lot of time figuring out things on WordPress using free themes, which made me pull out my hair in pure frustration. Website builders are the future.


Yahoo website builder and store themes

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