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You Get What You Pay For

Funny Tattoo

I came across this image and I had to laugh. This picture perfectly portrays why cheaper isn’t always better. Sure, you might save money in the short term, but look at what you end up with. And, think about how much more you will have to spend to fix the mess caused by the “cheap” product or service.

Don’t get me wrong – cheaper is sometimes good… like when registering a domain name or buying a specific product. But when it comes to human-provided services like SEO or online marketing, chances are you’ll get what you paid for. Why? Because you’re paying for someone’s salary and expertise. Another factor in pricing is the method in which a service is provided. In SEO and online marketing, there are good vs bad ways of doing things. So, if you’re using black-hat or shortcut methods for SEO, then those would be considered bad ways. However, if you’re doing things in a more proper way, then sure you can expect to spend more money because more time is being invested on certain tasks.

Let me ask you this: Would you rather pay $100 for a black-hat SEO service that could get your site penalized, or would you pay $500 for a white-hat service that has the potential of increasing your search rankings? I don’t know about you, but I rather pay a little more for a peace of mind and higher quality.

Here’s another question: If you were looking to buy some traffic, which would you rather do… buy 1,000 low quality traffic for $5, or 100 high quality traffic for $10? My answer is the latter, and yours should be too. As I’ve always stressed, the main reason for buying traffic is for conversions. And conversions don’t happen unless the traffic is targeted and intent-driven.

Saving money is good and something that most people are concerned with. But, time is also money, so don’t waste time either. Buying something of low quality may result in a service that isn’t effective. And, what happens when something you buy isn’t effective? You end up throwing it away, and then buying something better. So, what you really end up doing is wasting time and money.

In my opinion, if you’re going to spend money on something, might as well spend a little more for quality and functionality.

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