Website Builders

ZyroThere are 4 different ways to create a website. You can create one from scratch using notepad or HTML editor. Or, you can use a software to help you build your site using either a CMS program or an online site builder. Your decision should be based on your experience level and how much time you want to devote to learning.

Using a simple notepad requires the most amount of knowledge and experience as you would be creating code from scratch.

An HTML editor is like using notepad on steroids. You will still need to know how to code, but most HTML editors nowadays come packed with helpful features that make coding a bit easier.

A CMS program does not require you to have coding experience, but will need you to understand the basics of installing software onto your web host server as well creating databases through the cPanel administrative interface.

Online website builders are by far the easiest way for beginners to start building a website right away through simple user interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality. Most online website builders charge a monthly fee, but it’s not much more than a typical web hosting service, and you’re really paying for the simplicity and convenience.

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