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6 Psychological Triggers that Increase Sales Page Conversions

Brain PsychologyThe sales page is one of the most important assets on your website. It’s the last page a prospect sees before they make the decision whether to accept your offer or not. Unfortunately, many online business owners overlook it. Rather, their primary focus lies on driving traffic to the site and hoping that prospects will automatically convert into buyers. Such online businesses experience a high bounce rate which not only negatively affects conversions, but also their ranking in search results.

If your sales page is receiving high amounts of traffic but a lower than average conversion rate, chances are that your sales page isn’t performing the job its supposed to do – turn leads into buying customers. Therefore it’s necessary that you tweak your copy in a way that will turn the sales page into a money minting machine. This involves tapping into the various psychological triggers that make people buy one product instead of another. Some of the best psychological triggers you can use to improve your sales page performance include the following.

Simplify the Buying Process

Once a prospect lands on a sales page, they expect that they’ll be able to find what they want, place an order and complete the transaction in a few steps. Nothing is more frustrating to a potential buyer than having to go through countless options and processes before they are able to make their purchase. Some of the best ways to make the buying process simple include the following:

  • Focus your sales page on a single offer
  • Have the order form or shopping cart within the same page as your offer
  • Offer several payment options
  • Create a clean, well-formatted sales page

Give the Reason Why

A prospect is likely to accept an offer if they believe that they have enough reason to do so. A common copywriting strategy involves first capturing the reader’s emotions and then appealing to their logic. The emotional aspect of the copy will be enough to get the prospect excited about your offer. However, he or she is unlikely to accept your offer unless you explain why exactly they need to buy your offer at that specific time. Some of the ways to achieve this include:

  • Explain any savings the prospect will make if they purchase your offer
  • Explain what problems your offer solves and how it does it
  • Explain any losses the prospect might incur if they don’t buy now


A powerful psychological trigger, reciprocity implies that people feel obliged to repay a favor done for them. This psychological trigger is one of the most commonly used in ecommerce and services websites. Some of the best ways to apply reciprocity on your sales page include free trials, quotes and giveaways. To even make this approach more powerful, you can also include a no obligation clause.

Share a Story

Everyone loves a good story. Some of the most powerful sales pages are actually stories that relate to the prospect’s problem and provide solutions in the form of an offer. Crafted properly, a story will capture the prospect’s emotions and imagination, walk them through their problem and, finally offer a practical solution. Some of the rules to remember when using a story on your sales page include the following:

  • Use a story that directly relates to the prospects current needs
  • Create a common enemy (the problem or competing product)
  • Make the story simple and straight to the point
  • Offer a solution at the end

Provide Social Proof

People tend to believe that doing something is more appropriate if others are doing it. This applies to buying a product or service. Showing your prospects that other people have actually bought into your offer can significantly increase conversions. One of the best ways to show social proof is to include customer testimonials and reviews on the sales page.
This psychological trigger is even more powerful if the customer testimonials are from people the prospect can relate to.

Make the Prospect Feel Significant

One of the basic human needs is to feel accepted and appreciated by others. If you can make your prospect feel significant, then chances are that he or she will want to do business with you. There are several ways you can do this including the following:

  • Provide a guarantee on your offer
  • Offer excellent customer support
  • Offer a freebie
  • Provide exclusive offers and services to existing customers

Your website’s sales page has the power to convert visitors into loyal customers or, drive them away from your business. If you want more sales, you should focus your sales copy on addressing the visitor’s main concerns by leveraging the various psychological triggers that make people want to buy and associate with a product.

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