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Bing Ads Coupon Codes for 2015

[Updated for 2017] Just wanted to let you all know that SBWebCenter just got a new offer from Bing for 2017! I’ve updated this page as the codes below were only for 2015.

Here are the coupon codes:

Check out my post on why Bing Ads can be much more effective than Google AdWords:

Top Differences Between Bing Ads and Google AdWords In 2017

As you may have heard me say before, Bing Ads is a great alternative to Google Adwords. It not only works, but it is often times more cost-effective than Adwords. I’ve also told you about the main differences between the two advertising platforms. Bing Ads is available to advertisers in several countries and they are gradually expanding into more parts of the world. The 2014 holiday promotions have come and gone, but fortunately there are new ones to replace them.

To help you save money on your new Bing Ads campaign, I have put together a list of 2015 promotions in every available country.

All of these coupons are good until 9/30/2015, unless otherwise noted.

And as always, feel free to ask me if you need tips on Bing Ads or Google Adwords, or online marketing in general. I’m here to help you maximize your online revenue.

3 thoughts on “Bing Ads Coupon Codes for 2015

  • hello ,

    i need bing ads coupon, please send me code.. cuz i cant get code from bing.. i dont know why, i wait 3 bussiness day and no coupon.

    • Hi,

      They usually send you a promo code within two business days. If you haven’t received anything in your email inbox, please check your spam folder.

      Also, you must be located in a country where they are offering Bing Ads.

  • ajay dhakad

    it is useable site in india.


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