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Bing Ads Partners with AdMarketplace to Grow Reach

Bing Ads

Bing Ads has recently partnered with AdMarketplace to expand its reach. What that basically means is if you are advertising on Bing Ads through their content network, your ad(s) may now appear across AdMarketplace’s network of publisher sites. This could mean a significant growth in traffic inventory for Bing Ads because AdMarketplace is the largest independent search advertising platform in the world.

According to Steve Sirich, the general manager of marketing for Bing Ads: “adMarketplace provides Bing advertisers with a unique opportunity to access a new source of trusted search traffic.”

In agreement, Adam J. Epstein, the president and chief operating officer of adMarketplace, has said: “By opening our publisher network to Bing’s advertisers, we deliver additional yield and data to our publishers, while providing a better search experience for users.”

AdMarketplace works with some of the top websites in the world. For example: Rodale which is the largest healthy lifestyle media company in the world.

Bing Ads continues to expand its advertising reach worldwide. Are you advertising with Bing Ads yet? If not, here is a holiday promotion for $100 FREE credit to get your started.

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