Why is KeywordBlocks.com Being Reported as a Referral Site in Google Analytics?

You may have read elsewhere that this is spam traffic or bots hitting your server. Not correct.

Chances are if you are seeing “KeywordBlocks.com” as a referral site in your Google Analytics or some other stats software, you are most likely buying traffic through Bing Ads or Media.net.

KeywordBlocks are actually ad units served by Bing Ads and Media.net through their content network. Their content network is made up of publisher sites on Media.net.

The publishers make money through their site(s) by placing Media.net ad units, which can take the shape of banners, contextual ads, or even mobile ads.

KeywordBlocks traffic is typically generated through ad units that look like this:

KeywordBlocks Ad Unit

Although most unfamiliar referral links may end up being spam sites, there are some instances where the source may actually be legitimate.

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5 Responses to “Why is KeywordBlocks.com Being Reported as a Referral Site in Google Analytics?”

  1. Tanner says:

    Finally! I have been searching for answers on what that was on my Analytics. I am really glad I did not block them on my htaccess file! Thank you 🙂

  2. Claire says:

    That is why i thought that my keywords are getting blocks by some of my plugins but any way thanks hope that my advertising campaign works.

  3. Lucas says:

    What is keywordblocks

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