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Writing and Creating Content Tailored for Your Audience

Writing WorldWhen writing for your audience or customers, you want to make sure you are speaking to them. I don’t mean this in a literal sense, but you need to include some psychology into what you write on your blog or website. Understanding your audience will allow you to connect with them on a deeper level. This connection is what increases engagement, trust and conversions.


Does your site reach a global audience? If so, you need to be mindful of your site’s demographics. Where do they come from? What language do they speak? Obviously, you can’t speak everyone’s language, but you should at least be speaking the language of your primary audience. If you get a wide range of different language speakers to your site, you might want to consider adding a translation feature.

Language dialects are also important to keep in mind. Let’s take for example, the English language. Although English is the International language, there are different dialects of English throughout the world. If you are talking to an audience made up primarily of US citizens, you probably don’t want to write your content in a British dialect.

In the past, I have hired British writers to write articles for my US audience, and sometimes, they’d use words like “car hire,” “bloke,” or “fortnightly.” While these words are not completely off the wall, they would definitely sound foreign to a US reader.

Style & Tone

In what style or tone are you speaking to your audience? Is it appropriate for the specific type of business? Is your demeanor too serious or unfriendly? Or, maybe it’s too relaxed or unprofessional? Whatever it is, you should think about how you ought to approach your audience. For example, if you are running a personal blog, you may be able to get away with relaxed language, subpar grammar, and some misspellings. However, if you are writing web content for a major corporation, you’ll want to keep things at a highly professional level. How you communicate to your customers will reflect on your reputation and brand.

Experience Level

As your site grows in traffic, you’ll begin to learn more about your visitors as time progresses. Is your audience made up mostly of beginners or are they veterans in the field? What experience level are you trying to target? Depending on the level, you’ll want to tailor your content around that audience. Typically for beginners, use verbiage that is simple and easy to digest. For the advanced, you can get a little more complex.


Depending on where most of your audience is from, you will want to use the currency that represents their country. If you are publishing articles that include currency symbols, use the symbol that most of your audience can identify with. If you are selling products or services worldwide, you should add all the currencies that you support in your shopping cart.

Communicating effectively to your audience is just one key component of running a successful online business. Make sure you are consistently doing this.

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