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Bing Ads Intelligence – A Competitor to Google AdWords

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PPC marketing is for those who want to attract quality targeted traffic to their webpage. This type of Internet advertising is closely related to requests and expectations of users via keywords, demographics, and location. If traditional types of advertising on television or in the Press can be accessed by a random audience, PPC advertising is shown only to potentially interested users. Pay per click (PPC) ads can be placed on various partner sites, search engine pages, as well as on social networks. In this article, we’ll talk about Bing – an underdog in the targeted internet marketing domain and how Bing can be an effective tool in garnering traffic and business to your website. 

PPC ads on the search engines Google, Bing, etc. consists of a header, a link to the advertiser’s website (the URL of the webpage) and a description of the product (text of the ad) in order to be as similar as the “organic” search result. Though this varies from provider to provider, this is generally the case for almost all current internet PPC advertising.

We are all more or less accustomed to using Google’s search engine for our everyday queries for any information on the Internet. While it is true that Google dominates in search traffic, Internet marketers see it from a different perspective. We see it in terms of cost efficiency (how much traffic or clicks can I get per dollar?) and quality of traffic. Both Google and Bing have quality traffic but Bing actually has better cost efficiency (you can reach more people at a lower cost). If you’re interested in trying out either Google or Bing, check out my free ads credit page for discounts or free credits for ad platforms such as Google, Bing, Amazon, and more.

Bing is a search engine developed by Microsoft Corporation. Currently, the Bing site is ranked as 2nd in the list of the most popular search engines by traffic volume. It has a large number of exclusive features, such as viewing search results on one page, as well as dynamically adjusting the amount of information displayed for each search result. Though Bing is ranked 2nd, the difference in traffic volume is quite large. Google has substantially more traffic than Bing does in terms of total traffic, which is a benefit for Internet marketers (more on this later). Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into exactly why Bing is better than Google for Internet marketing.


How can Bing Ads be better than Google AdWords?




If you want to see a comparison – Bing ads vs google ads, these are few things where Bing can be better than Google:

Lower prices for clicks

Keywords which are very expensive in AdWords tend to be much cheaper in the Bing Network. Bing advertising cost gives you an excellent opportunity to test your ads and keywords before you start working on expensive topics using AdWords. Moreover, with similar demographic and audience targeting on both platforms, you’re essentially reaching the same people at a lower cost by using Bing Ads. The reason? Since Bing is known to have less traffic than Google, fewer advertisers use Bing. Therefore, there is less competition for Bing Ads which leads to lower CPC.

Low Advertising Competition ⇒ Less Cost ⇒ Lower CPC (higher traffic per dollar)

Customer support

If you have a question about your Bing ads campaign, it’s easy to get in touch with a customer support and immediately connect with a person who can give you answers to all your questions. Excellent support service gives to Bing a big advantage Bing in comparison bing ads vs google ads.

Easy to use

Learning the minimum knowledge necessary for quality management of an AdWords account can take a long time, as not properly set up your account can result in a higher cost per click, and attracting irrelevant traffic to your site. Setting up the account on Bing is much easier.

Although it is true that Bing can be advantageous in these areas, it does have its flaws. Google has a better interface and platform for marketing their campaigns. Google likely has more demographic data due to their popularity as a search engine. Lastly, Google likely has better optimization for Ads as they have more experience and traffic from advertisers. In a nutshell – both platforms are great for advertising but I believe that Bing is better for cost efficiency and for beginners. If you want to know more about the differences between Bing and Google, check out my article here.


Bing Ads – The Statistics

In comparison with Google AdWords, Bing ads campaign shows these average results:

Example: If you spent $100 on Google AdWords, that same $100 would cost around $70 for the same traffic using the above lower CPC.

Bing Ads has done some big boosts to businesses like with a Great Big Canvas, where increases in spending of just 5% allowed a revenue growth by 17% and ROAS improvement by 30% for just one year.

Bing ads offer 10-15 percent lower cost per click (CPC) than Google for for the same keywords.


Why is Bing an effective platform for advertising your business?

Bing Ads

When someone new wants to advertise the business, he immediately thinks about doing it on Google. For most of the people, Google is the only way to success, so they invest all their resources in it, but it’s not always the good idea. The above stats really show how effective it is to test on different platforms and to do your research. Don’t get me wrong – Google is excellent and better in many ways, but not all ways. Bing currently dominates in cost efficiency and you should take this into serious consideration when advertising your products.

When new clients come to us, they immediately ask about Google advertising. For many, the thought of PPC on Bing Ads or Yahoo! Is obsolete. Google is the search engine daddy and so Google should take the entire budget, but it’s not always the case. Here are additional reasons why Bing Ads are worth it:

  • Bing and Windows are best friends

Most people use Windows and update it regularly. There is always the possibility to add a Bing toolbar with a Bing search engine. Some people change it to Google, but many of them keep the Bing search engine default. Also, Windows tends to default everything to Bing when possible, such as the use of Cortana.

  • Bing ads have lower competition

There is a huge difference in competition between Bing and Google ads, so Bing advertising cost per click is much lower. If you want to pay for cost per conversion, it doesn’t really matter that fewer people are advertising on Bing.

  • Bing advertising costs are much lower

Bing advertising cost is also much lower because of better placement of Bing Ads or lower competition which was already mentioned, but whatever the reason is, if you want to advertise your business on Bing, you’ll pay less but you’ll still enjoy a similar profit. It’s not something that should be ignored.

  • The risk of investment in Bing ads has a very low risk

When you’re thinking about the fact that the Bing advertising cost per click is 30% percent lower than Google on average, you must admit that this is actually a very good return on your investment. The lower cost also lowers the risk of testing new markets, new campaigns, and new businesses. Like I said before, I believe that Bing is an excellent testing ground for Internet marketers and beginners just getting into the game.


Free advertising credits to test out your business

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