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New Larger Free Bing Ad Credits

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As you may already know, I’ve recently been working with many PPC and advertising agencies in order to try to get discounts, promos, and credits so that my users can try their services for free. Today, Bing has given me a larger free credit (small purchase required) when users signup. The reason you may be required to purchase a small amount is that this promotion gives a much higher credit than their other free offer which can be found here. In addition, if you’re looking for other free advertising credits such as from Google, Bidverstiser, Amazon, and more, check out my free PPC coupons page here.

Don’t know if Bing Ads is right for you? Check out my article on why Bing advertising can be more cost effective than Google AdWords.

Bing Ads coupon codes by country 
(last updated April 11th, 2018):


Bing Ads – More Information

  • Each one will give you approximately $100 USD free advertising credits with a purchase of $25 (a total of $125)
  • Requires you to signup as a new user
  • Requires some minimum purchase of advertising credits (usually $25 but varies by country)

How to redeem the free advertising credit:

  1. Pick your country
  2. Sign up as a new user
  3. Pay the minimum required amount
  4. Get your free ads!


Are These Coupons Right For Me?

I would highly recommend these Bing ads if you have product(s) or service(s) that sell or if you’re determined to advertise your business. The reason I highly recommend these particular free advertising credits is that you’re getting a lot more at a low price. If on the other hand, you’re testing a new market/product and its the only one you’re interested in advertising, then I recommend you check out my free advertising credit page here. That page has a huge list of free PPC advertising codes and promos that will give you completely free credits (with no purchase required). The only difference is that you won’t get nearly as much in credits. For example, the Bing credits on that page only give $50 whereas you can get $100 from this offer.

Lastly, most of these offers are only for new sign-ups, which is another reason I would recommend these ones. You can only redeem these free credits once so you might as well get the most bang for your buck.

Happy Advertising!

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