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Brazil, Germany & India – Free Bing Ads For 2018

Bing Ads coupon code, sbwebcenter

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Due to the popularity of this page, I’ve updated these deals for 2018.  You can also see all advertising deals and promotions on the coupon page.

SBWebCenter just received an awesome offer from Bing! They just gave us permission to offer higher Ad credits for Brazil, Germany, and India. For those of you located in those countries, this is an excellent opportunity to test out your new ad campaigns, products, services, or whatever else you want to promote.

If you’re not from those countries – check out my other offers for Bing Ad coupons here

Exclusive offers to the free Bing ads:

Germany (Deutschland) – 75 € Free Credit* (when you spend 15 €)

 – R$150 Free Credit* (when you spend R$30)

India – Rs3000 Free Credit* (when you spend Rs650)


Please note that this is an exclusive offer that will expire soon!

How to Claim the Bing Ad credit coupons:

  • Click on the banner for your country
  • Signup with Bing
  • Receive free credits towards your next advertising search campaign!

Disclaimer: The offers listed above are for new customers. Please signup as a new customer and enter the require information before you become eligible. Also, these deals require purchase of Ads in the amount of R$30 for Brazil, 15 € for Germany, and Rs3000 for India. Though you have to pay a small amount, the amount goes towards you advertisement campaign and you will get the promotional amounts for free.

Unsure About Bing Ads?

Don’t be! The Ad credits above are excellent for testing out new campaigns or, if your new, learning how to use ad campaigns. My most common feedback from previous clients is that they regret not taking action right away. They always tell me that all that time of hesitation and over planning could’ve been spent testing out more ad campaigns and therefore a higher opportunity for profits.

If you want to know the differences between Google AdWords and Bing Ads, check out my post –  Why Bing Ads are More Effective Than Google AdWords

  • It has been known that Bing advertisers get a higher ROI and lower CPC due to the nature of its search engine relative to Google’s

Feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions!

Happy Advertising,


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